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Track Rock Gap Petroglyph Site

Recently we took the boys out for a short walk to the Track Rock Gap Petroglyph Site located in Blairsville, GA.12511703_10208766503459100_453388527_n

What is Petroglyphs
Petroglyphs are rock carvings that have been made by pecking directly on the rock surface using a stone chisel and hammerstone. When the top surface of the rock is chipped off, the lighter rock underneath is exposed, creating the petroglyph.12516064_10208766502779083_2093408672_n

Track Rock Gap Petroglyph
Track Rock Gap is between Thunderstruck Mountains and Buzzard Roost Ridge. In this beautiful area is where you can find history written in stone.  Track Rock Gap has a series of rock carvings, or petroglyphs. There are over a hundred carvings.  It’s one of the most significant rock art sites in the Southeastern United States and the only such site located on public land in Georgia.12511723_10208766502419074_1027434085_n
Although it’s one of the best known rock art sites in the region, it wasn’t until 2009 that it was completely studied & recorded.  You can learn more about Track Rock Gap by visiting HERE.

trackrock1Track Rock Fact Sheet (PDF)
Difficulty: Easy
Admission Fee: None
Parking: At Trailhead
Location: Track Rock Gap Rd., Blairsville, GA

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