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Mountain Heritage Festival | Blairsville, GA

The  Mountain Heritage Festival in Blairsville, GA is a wonderful festival that not only has beautifully hand-crafted arts and crafts from the crafters in the area, but also offers living history activities and demonstrations for all ages!img_0813

While at the festival, you’re able to check out the 1906 Butt-Mock Home that was donated to the Historical Society on 1994 has been fully restored.img_0811As well as the 1861 John Payne Cabin. img_0851

Local artist fill the front yard of the Butt-Mock home to showcase all their beautiful work.vendor

In the back of the home, is where you’ll find the John Payne Cabin and an array of activities for all ages. It’s filled with living history activities and demonstrations, as well as music.

While there you can learn more about the Civil War.civil-war

Panning For Gold with the kidsimg_0841

Not only watching a black smith demonstration, but learning about it as well.blacksmithing

They also had a small petting zoo area so that the kids could check out an array of animals from pigs, rabbits, and goats.img_0884

You can even sit under a shade and enjoy a game of checkers…img_0852

If you’re ever in the Blairsville, GA area on Labor Day weekend, this festival is worth stopping in for.

When: Labor Day Weekend
Where:One block South of the Blairsville Square

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