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Pink Bed Loop Trail | Pisgah National Forest | North Carolina

We visited Pink Beds Loop Trail at the end of April. There is just something about this trail that gives it a very serene feeling. Located in the Cradle of Forestry, Pink Beds is encompassed by the majestic mountains and lush woodlands of the Pisgah National Forest.

The home to rare mountain bogs and unique vegetation, Pink Beds Loop Hike was originally named by settlers who first cleared the area. At that time there was an abundance of pink blooms from local plants that were visible from the surrounding mountainsides. Since that time, the area has been reforested, and while there isn’t an abundance of pink flowers now, you’ll still find beautiful Mountain Laurel, Rhododendrons and other varieties of pink flowers.

I would recommended going to right when starting the trail. This side of the loop follows the headwaters of South Fork Mills River and you’ll often find yourself on boardwalks with lots to see such as beaver dams, fish and a variety of different plants. While this is an easy hike, keep in mind that it is around 6.5 miles long. We cut through the middle section (Barnett Branch connector) twice and our overall length ended up being 7.2 miles. Elevation gain on this hike was 905 feet, and it took us 3 hours. This is with hiking with a ten-year old and a six-year old.

Once you reach the North side of the trail, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful fields and views of mountain ridges. While camping isn’t permitted in the fields, there are camping spots that can be located throughout this trail.On the Pink Bed Loop trail you’ll follow the orange blazes. The trail is very well marked throughout. If you decide to hit the Barrett Branch Connector, that trail is marked with a blue blaze.

Difficulty: Moderate
Total Length: 6.5 mi
Type of Hike: Loop
Trail Head:Pink Beds Picnic Area

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