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JackRabbit Campground, NC Loop A

jackrabbitWe headed back to JackRabbit Campground to take the kids camping again since this is one of their favorite camping spots.  This trip we stayed on Loop A, Site 15. It was a little different than what the picture shows on the site, but it was still great.  Actually, I would say it was pretty perfect for our family.IMG_9207

There were concrete steps that lead down to the actual site, and once you got down to the site, it was done in pea gravel which turned out to be perfect since we had a few rains while we were there.


So why do my boys love it so much at JackRabbit, other than the fact that it’s close to home?

Popcorn around the campfire
Popcorn around the campfire


Spending time fishingIMG_9288


Bike Riding

Family Time!family time

Playing Gamesgames


Did I mention relaxing?IMG_9246


Oh and views like this



And this…IMG_9327

Yes, the bathrooms were still dirty and the grass hadn’t been mowed in who knows when, but none of that matters to kids for the most part. This is definitely a spot we will stay at in the future.

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